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Fair Equalization for Alberta

We believe in Alberta being a fair neighbour and friend in Canada, but that doesn’t mean continuing to put up with a fundamentally unfair equalization system. In February we struck our own expert panel to study equalization and make recommendations on how to make it better. As the panelists – one of whom is based in Halifax – argued in the report, this web of chronic subsidies is keeping the ‘have not’ provinces from ever feeling the need to turn their economies around.

We guarantee you we will push the NDP government to accept these recommendations and that in 2019, we will campaign on knocking at the door in Ottawa demanding fairer treatment.

Wildrose is the only party talking about getting a better deal for Alberta. If you believe in the work we are doing, can you sign your support today? Let’s call on the provincial government to mimic our work and fix our equalization system. 

3,285 signatures

Will you sign?