April 19, 2012

Failed PC Energy Policies Put Alberta’s Future Prosperity At Risk

April 19, 2012 (Edmonton, AB): Today, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith highlighted the failure of the Redford PCs’ energy policies, the potential danger of her new national energy police, and warned that Alberta’s prosperity will suffer unless immediate action is taken to improve on PC mismanagement.

 “PC energy policy failures are already costing us billions, and unless we take decisive action immediately Alberta could get shut out of the global oil market,” said Smith. “Our responsible, effective and practical Wildrose energy policies will put Albertans first, creating jobs, encouraging investment and industry confidence, and fueling economic growth.” The PCs have failed to win support for new pipelines needed to deliver Alberta oil to national and international markets, and their reckless royalty tax hikes drove away oil patch investment and brought development to a halt on the eve of the recession. They have failed to rebut slanderous attacks on Alberta by radical greens and their political allies at home and abroad, and they are so out of touch with the energy industry that they ran a TV ad during the election campaign that tried to pass off a Chinese offshore drilling platform as an Alberta oil rig. They said no to a multi-billion-dollar refinery and upgrader project that could increase bitumen processing in Alberta, creating thousands of jobs and adding value to our exports.   Worst of all, Alison Redford is crusading for a dangerous new national energy program, pleading for a partnership with provincial governments who are overtly hostile to oilsands development. “Instead of pandering to eastern premiers who have attacked us on the international stage, we will work with cooperative provinces and the federal government to get new pipelines to the U.S., Asia and eastern Canada on track,” Smith said. “Today I also want to join premiers Wall and Clark in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in applauding and endorsing the Responsible Resource Development plan announced by Ottawa this week. This plan will streamline the regulatory process governing major resource projects like the Northern Gateway pipeline to the Pacific and ensure the process is not hijacked by foreign-funded radical interest groups.” On April 23, Albertans will have a clear choice between the failed energy policies of the Redford PCs that have put our energy future at risk, and new Wildrose energy policies that will put Albertans first. A Wildrose government will create jobs, encourage investment and industry confidence, fuel economic growth, and generate the revenues needed to fund social programs, build infrastructure, rebuild the Heritage Fund, and deliver energy dividends directly to Albertans. For more on the Wildrose Pledge, visit: www.wildrose.ca/pledge Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.


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