November 20, 2012

End the doctor bullying, get back to bargaining: Forsyth

EDMONTON, AB (November 20, 2012): The PC government’s ongoing bullying and intimidation of Alberta doctors has reached a tipping point and is now on the brink of putting Alberta patients at risk, Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said today.  Forsyth said the government’s heavy handed treatment of doctors has backed them into a corner where they’re now threatening to walk off the job. 

Forsyth reiterated the Alberta Medical Association’s call for Health Minister Fred Horne to rescind the deal he forced on doctors last week and return to the bargaining table in good faith or call in an arbitrator to settle the dispute.   “For years, this PC government has pushed doctors around and treated them as an afterthought in the delivery of quality health care in this province. They have made no effort to include doctors in their plans to change the system,” Forsyth said. “Wildrose believes doctors are the cornerstone of a responsive and effective health care system. They must be respected and listened to. That’s why we’re joining the AMA in calling on Minister Horne to end the bullying and get back to bargaining.”  Forsyth said the Wildrose does not support job action, as it would put Albertans at serious risk, but also says the blame for the current situation lies squarely at the government’s feet.  “They are the ones who have let the relationship deteriorate to this point,” Forsyth said. “The government must accept responsibility for its treatment of doctors and for throwing the system into such disarray.” 


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