September 02, 2014

End mandatory school fees, sign petition: McAllister

CALGARY, AB (September 2, 2014): Today, Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister is urging Albertans to sign his petition, calling for an end to mandatory school fees in Alberta public, Catholic and public charter schools.

The petition comes at the start of another school year in Alberta. McAllister said mandatory school fees are a hidden tax and an undue financial burden on parents, who already pay taxes to fund education. He said the PC government is shortchanging education, leaving school boards squeezed for funding and forced to look to parents to cover their shortfalls.

"Every September, I get calls from parents who are shocked to see what they owe in mandatory school fees," McAllister said. "A family with three children could pay mandatory fees of up to $1,000, depending on where they live. I'm urging Alberta parents to sign this petition, and send a clear message to the PC government that they won't be taken for granted."

McAllister said it's outrageous that the PC government has wasted billions on corporate welfare, sole source contracts, pet projects and staff salaries, but requires parents to bail them out on basic education.

He said a Wildrose government would eliminate mandatory school fees and prioritize families.

"We've consistently called for an end to these fees. This is a priority for us," McAllister said. "As a parent of three, I fully understand the costs of raising children, and I believe Alberta families deserve to keep more, not less, of their hard-earned money. Alberta families are a primary source of Alberta’s energy and economic momentum. They deserve a government that will put them first.”

The petition can be found here.


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