April 02, 2014

Disclose assets stored in top secret PC slush fund, collapse account

CALGARY, AB (April 2, 2014): The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta must disclose exactly how much money they have stored in a top secret trust fund they’ve been using to fund their election campaigns, operating expenses and debt for decades, Wildrose MLA Jeff Wilson said today. A news report Tuesday showed the PCs have maintained the secret fund which was exempted from financial disclosure laws made in the 1970s. 

The law prohibits other parties from having these kinds of funds. Wilson said they must immediately come clean about how much money is in the account and what it’s been used for. “This just once again shows that the PC Party doesn’t play by the rules that are in place for everybody else,” Wilson said. “Every other political party in Alberta must reveal its assets. It’s the law. It’s basic transparency. It’s what Albertans expect and deserve. The fact that the PCs are operating a secret fund – which literally no one else is allowed to have – reveals their outrageous sense of entitlement.” Wilson said the PCs should collapse the fund and disclose the assets as stipulated by the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosures Act. “Every other political party in Alberta has to obey this law. It’s time the PCs should, too,” Wilson said.


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