December 03, 2013

Delay in annual report on cases of abuse alarming: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (December 3, 2013): Today, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle called on the government to release the delayed report detailing the number of cases of sexual abuse under the Protection for Persons In Care Act. The last annual report was released in June 2012, and the current report was due in June of 2013. 

 With more than sixty cases of abuse reported between July 1 2010 to March 31 2012, Towle said delay on this information is unacceptable. “We need to do everything we can to ensure seniors in the province’s care are being protected and that means not letting allegations of abuse fall through the cracks,” Towle said.  “These cases of abuse are incredibly serious, and Albertans and the ministry should be aware if any trends, negative or positive, are occurring in the system.” In Question Period today, Associate Minister of Seniors George VanderBurg failed to answer why the report has been delayed, or release the number of cases of abuse that have occurred in 2013. “With an average of 30 cases of abuse happening every year, it’s alarming that the minister was unable to answer such simple and direct questions,” Towle said. “Albertans deserve to have answers, want to know why there are delays and what action the government is taking.”


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