December 02, 2014

De-politicize hospital infrastructure, publish a public priority list

EDMONTON, AB (December 2, 2014): Today, the Wildrose renewed calls for the province to immediately release a public prioritized infrastructure project list after front-line health professionals sounded alarm bells over the deteriorating state of Alberta’s hospitals.

Questioned on whether or not the situation is “really killing the (health) system,” Alberta Medical Association (AMA) President-elect Dr. Carl Nohr said, “Access is foundational to safety and access is dependent on infrastructure, so therefore, infrastructure drives safety.”

The comments were made at today’s Public Accounts Committee. 

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said in order to put an end to the crumbling state of our hospitals, it’s crucial the government immediately releases a public prioritized infrastructure list.

“The only way to stop any government from politicizing infrastructure spending is to outline the priority of all requested capital projects across the province and release the full list to the public,” Smith said. “It will provide cost savings and is the first step in addressing the growing crisis facing our hospitals from across the province.”

Other key planks of the Wildrose plan to transform how Alberta Infrastructure operates include:

·         Implementing a new policy framework that avoids P3 or debt financing;

·         Maximizing cost savings by improving the efficiency of procurement and construction of projects; and

·         Improving on the methods of Design-Build (DB), Design-Bid-Build (DBB), as well as methods of project procurement that incorporate long-term maintenance.

“Albertans are looking for a new generation of leaders to fix the incredible challenges facing our infrastructure across the province,” Wildrose Infrastructure Critic Pat Stier said. “Publishing a prioritized infrastructure list is critical in making sure our infrastructure is properly maintained, is safe and reliable.”

LISTEN to Dr. Nohr’s statements here.


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