December 20, 2013

Danyluk appointment signals PC culture of entitlement alive and well: Pedersen

MEDICINE HAT, AB (December 20, 2013): The appointment of former PC cabinet minister and Redford loyalist Ray Danyluk as chair of the board of governors at Portage College signals the ongoing culture of PC entitlement is alive and well in Alberta’s post-secondary system, Wildrose Innovation and Advanced Education Critic Blake Pedersen said today. 

Pedersen said our education system deserves better than to continuously have boards and special appointments filled with individuals who are only interested in serving the PC party and not the interests of students and teaching professionals. “For Minister Dave Hancock to appoint Mr. Danyluk as chair shows complete disregard to impartial and objective decision making.  Once again, we are seeing how Premier Alison Redford and her government are only interested in making appointments, providing jobs or stacking boards with those who curry favour with the PC government,” Pedersen said.  “We need individuals appointed to our boards that are passionate about our post-secondary system and are willing to put the best interests of the institutions first.  Sadly, Mr. Danyluk has let it be known that he puts his loyalty to the PC government family.” Prior to 2011, Portage College also made $7,600 in illegal donations to Ray Danyluk.  To date, the local PC riding association has failed to return the full amount. With the history between the college and Danyluk, Pedersen said his appointment is very troubling. “It is completely inappropriate for Danyluk to preside as chair over a college that made illegal donations to his riding association for over six years,” Pedersen said.  “It sends the wrong message to students, to our professors and staff at the school and to taxpayers.  Albertans deserve better.”


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