June 01, 2012

Danielle Smith statement on Thomas Mulcair and Canadian Energy Strategy

CALGARY, AB (June 1, 2012): Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith today released the following statement on federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s visit to Alberta and Premier Alison Redford’s Canadian Energy Strategy:  “Premier Redford must start defining her so-called Canadian Energy Strategy in terms of objectives and deliverables, or politicians like Thomas Mulcair will define it for her.

 Albertans heard yesterday what Mr. Mulcair expects out of a Canadian Energy Strategy: More federal regulation of our oil sands, no additional pipeline capacity to get our product to international markets, and a cap and trade system that would ultimately result in money and jobs leaving Alberta.  “It’s time for Ms. Redford to step up. She should put her ideas on the table and tell Albertans what her Canadian Energy Strategy is about. By continuing to speak in broad and meaningless platitudes, she risks having the ongoing debate about our oil sands overtaken by anti-Alberta interests and agendas, like those of Mr. Mulcair.” 


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