January 16, 2013

Cut AHS waste, not the front lines

CALGARY, AB (January 16, 2013): Taking aim at nurse practitioners in growing communities like Airdrie and Cochrane is another sign of complete fiscal mismanagement by an irresponsible PC government, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. Alberta Health Services (AHS) contacted Airdrie’s Regional Health Centre on Friday to advise them of nurse practitioner cuts at the end of March. 

 The total layoffs would equate to about one third of the staff. “These are the health professionals that hold the health care system together and once again a decision has been made from bureaucrats without consulting with those on the front lines.  Taking aim at nurse practitioners is one of the worst and most inefficient ways to try and save taxpayer dollars in any health care system,” Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said. “For AHS to take aim at these communities in Airdie and Cochrane is more evidence that this government is in complete chaos when it comes to managing health care in Alberta.” Wildrose Finance Critic and Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson said that cuts to front line health workers who provide good value for money shows just how utterly incapable the PC government is in handling taxpayer dollars. “There are cuts to wasteful spending and then there are stupid cuts.  We have a bloated bureaucracy, are wasting billions in corporate handouts and the PCs just gave themselves an 8% pay raise,” Anderson said. “There are layers and layers of wasteful spending within the government that need to be eliminated, but it makes no sense to start the cuts on front line services that will hurt Albertans.”


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