Provincial Directors

One of the first tasks for the Executive Committee after each AGM is the allocation of Constituency Associations to Provincial Directors. The passing of a Constitutional amendment to create a new Central PD position, a lopsided situation in the south and comments that people were not seeing enough of their PDs, were all factors taken into consideration when the Leader chaired an informal meeting with the VP Membership and the PDs to allocate the CAs. It was fanatastic to have all the PDs present and to have everyone work so cooperatively to balance the workload.

The CAs each PD is paired with are listed below. The PDs have already started making contact with each of their CAs. If you haven’t heard from your PD yet, you should very soon. Please provide a warm welcome to your new PD and keep them in the loop with what’s happening in your CA – they are your link to the Executive Committee!

Download PDF: Click Here