Rural Alberta landowners can be assured that the Wildrose will stand up for them and fight for them every step of the way. The Wildrose will work hard to protect and strengthen property rights and relieve landowners of the burden of overregulation that makes it harder to make a living in rural Alberta. 

We commit to you that a WILDROSE government will:


…Bills 19. 24. 36, and 50 and halt or reverse all activities under these laws


…the status of property rights in Alberta’s Bill of Rights and seek to enshrine property rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms


…through these constitutional protections that land-use laws increasing ministerial power at the expense of property rights can never be passed again

Cut Red Tape

…by eliminating or amending any ineffective regulations so Alberta’s farmers and ranchers are free to prosper without the weight of government holding them back


…access to international markets for Alberta agricultural products by working with industry leaders and the federal government to open up foreign markets


…long-term stability and security to family farms by working with the federal government to introduce insurance reforms to protect Alberta farms from the effects of unpredictable and harmful weather, and to introduce tax reforms such as income-averaging trust accounts, to manage fluctuations in income and savings.