A strong Education system is essential to Alberta’s future.  There are challenges we face as a growing province, but Wildrose is committed to ensuring Alberta’s children are ready to be leaders in a changing global economy.

We commit to you that a WILDROSE government will deliver:


Education Funding

  • WILDROSE will find tens of millions of new dollars to invest in education by cutting wasteful spending such as health executive bonuses, cabinet salary increases and grants to corporations including the $2 billion carbon capture and storage boondoggle.


Teachers for Our Children

  • WILDROSE will ensure local school boards have the money and authority needed to hire more teachers by providing boards with stable and predictable long-term education funding and granting them the authority to negotiate teachers’ salaries at the local level.


Schools Where They’re Needed

  • WILDROSE will take politics out of determining where to build new schools. Money for new schools will be allocated using an objective funding formula that accounts for community and student growth rates…not based on the political clout of politicians at the provincial Legislature.


Parental Choice

  • WILDROSE will give principals, parent councils and individual schools more choice in selecting curriculum and teaching methods. We will also encourage the establishment of new public charter and other non-profit independent schools so long as they are open to all students and do not charge tuition. This will increase the educational choices parents have for their children.


Improved Student Learning & Assessment

  • WILDROSE will work with teachers and other education experts to transition from the current Provincial Achievement Testing to an assessment model that more effectively evaluates student progress throughout each year, promptly identifies areas of concern that a student needs immediate support with, and allows students the flexibility of associating with their peer groups without being pushed through levels of curriculum regardless of whether they adequately understand it or not.


Support for Students with Special Needs

  • WILDROSE will ensure that parents of students with special needs, with the support of educational experts, are given maximum flexibility to determine how special needs funding will be used for the benefit of their unique child. The current one-size-fits-all PC approach does not adequately support children with special needs.

For more Wildrose policy on Education, go to www.wildrose.ca/policy/education