May 07, 2013

Changes to Condo Act a victory for homeowners: Fox

EDMONTON, AB (May 7, 2013): Wildrose Service Alberta Critic Rod Fox is applauding Service Alberta Minister Manmeet Bhullar for implementing his recommended changes to the Condominium Property Act which will protect Alberta condominium owners from unaffordable special assessments. 

These new changes eliminate costly, one-time special assessments condo boards would collect for repairs in favour of smaller, monthly fees for residents of bareland condos - townhouses, duplexes, villas and single-family dwelling developments. Fox first pressured Minister Bhullar to make changes to the legislation in March. A recent court ruling affirmed that “common property” in bareland developments only refers to roads, sewers and landscaping. Other “managed property” – walls, roofs, foundations, driveways, decks, doors and windows – could not be funded out of reserve funds and had to be paid for out of special assessments. The changes to the Act now mean bareland condos can use reserve funds to pay for condo improvements. “Many Alberta condo owners are young, first-time homeowners or seniors on fixed incomes who simply can’t afford large, one-time levies,” Fox said. “I’m happy to see the government has chosen to take action and protect these consumers. This simple change in legislation will help make life more affordable for Alberta homeowners.”


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