February 15, 2012

Carter should apologize today: Forsyth

EDMONTON, AB (February 15, 2012): Premier Alison Redford’s Chief of Staff Stephen Carter should publicly apologize today after Carter accused the President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) of lying maliciously, Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth said today.  

The comments came after Minister for Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths sent a combative and intimidating letter to the AUMA saying the PC caucus would boycott their breakfast because of AUMA’s criticisms over the government’s budget.  In Question Period Forsyth said that not only is this type of behavior completely inappropriate, it is wrong and unethical.  “The Premier said she’s directed Mr. Carter to apologize for his unacceptable remarks to the AUMA. He should do it today and he should do it publicly,” Forsyth said. The Wildrose believes in a fair and stable funding formula that isn’t politicized and gives local autonomy to municipalities.   The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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