Albertans understand the importance of investing in infrastructure both to our economy and quality of life. We need new schools, roads, health facilities and other projects to accommodate our province’s continued growth.However, Albertans also recognize that, as a province, we need to live within our means. Albertans have made it abundantly clear that planning to go into long-term debt to build capital is not a responsible plan. As with all government spending programs, Alberta’s capital plan must be financially sustainable, properly prioritized, and able to demonstrate that taxpayers are receiving good value for money spent.

The PC government has failed to achieve any of the above criteria. Their capital plan is unfocused, involves ongoing borrowing, and is shrouded in secrecy making it impossible to properly assess whether decisions are being made in the best interests of taxpayers, or on PC political prospects.

The Wildrose 10-Year Debt-Free Capital Plan follows 3 key principles: sustainability, prioritization and innovation; and on these principles Albertans can count on a Wildrose government to deliver predictable and feasible infrastructure funding based on the real needs of Alberta communities.

Danielle Smith
Leader of the Wildrose Official Opposition
Rob Anderson
Finance Critic, Wildrose Official Opposition
Drew Barnes
Transportation & Infrastructure Critic, Wildrose Official Opposition