June 03, 2014

Candidates need to clarify positions on Land Titles Registry

EDMONTON, AB (June 3, 2014): The three PC leadership candidates should clarify their views on whether or not they would support the privatization of the Land Titles Registry after the annual Alberta Property Rights Advocate Office 2013 Report recommended the risky notion be dropped, Wildrose Service Alberta Critic Bruce Rowe said today.

“Even if an economic, cost-saving argument might be made in favor of privatization, I would argue that any financial benefit that is foregone by not privatizing is simply the price that must be paid for maintaining a high level of trust and integrity in the land conveyancing system,” Advocate Lee Cutforth stated in the report.

Given the former intentions of government to carelessly privatize the Land Titles Registry, the future premier must declare his intentions with regards to privatization now, Rowe said.

“Mr. Cutforth couldn’t be clearer. This government’s plan to privatize the registry is bad for landowners and puts property rights at risk,” Rowe said. “The future premier owes it to Albertans to clarify his position and indicate whether or not it is his intention to privatize the registry.”

Considering co-chair of the Jim Prentice campaign team Manmeet Bhullar was an outspoken advocate for privatization as Service Alberta Minister, Albertans deserve to hear what he would do, Rowe said.

“It is the government’s responsibility to provide a system that is effective and reliable,” Rowe said. “Clearly any cost-savings is outweighed by the uncertainty privatization would cause.”


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