November 13, 2013

Calgary man with shattered ankles deserves better from his health care system: Forsyth

CALGARY, AB (November 13, 2013): News of a patient suffering with two shattered ankles waiting for surgery in Red Deer is another example of a broken health care system that is failing patients across the province, Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said today.  

Leon LeGrand, from Calgary, has been waiting in a bed at Red Deer Hospital for over a week due to a shortage of space in the operating theatre and was unable to access a transfer to his hometown.  According to the Calgary Sun, LeGrand is facing further insult to injury by being forced to commute to Red Deer and back for any follow up care after the surgery is delivered.  In light of Red Deer Hospital facing some of the worst ER wait times in the province and no guarantee of timely surgery, Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said people deserve better from their government.  “It is sickening to hear that patients are being asked to wait over a week with both ankles shattered.”  Forsyth said.  “Sadly this is just another example of a centralized bureaucracy that remains out of touch and is failing to deliver resources to our front-line services and patients in a timely manner.”  Forsyth said that the problem of wait times and shortages in operating rooms is not limited to just Red Deer and is an issue many staff and patients are facing province wide.  “This pressure on our health care system continues to impact patients who deserve timely care,” Forsyth said. “Access to wait times is not access to our health care system.  We must fix our health care system so it puts the needs of patients first.”


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