November 18, 2014

Bill 1 falls short: More needed to protect property rights

EDMONTON, AB (November 18, 2014): The release of Premier Prentice’s Bill 1, the Respecting Property Rights Act, falls short of meeting his campaign promises to address the concerns of Albertans and improving property rights in Alberta, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

During his PC leadership campaign, Prentice made promises to bring in fair compensation processes and provide a rewrite of the Land Stewardship Act.  Bill 1 repeals the Land Assembly Project Act, legislation that had not yet been proclaimed, and is only of the several pieces of legislation that infringed on the rights of Albertans.

“Albertans were hoping to see much bigger changes coming out of Mr. Prentice’s flagship piece of legislation heading into this fall session,” Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said. “Bill 1 falls short of providing Albertans with the type of bold and innovative leadership Alberta needs to not only fix bad pieces of legislation, but improve property rights for all Albertans.”

Other pieces of legislation that Mr. Prentice failed to address include:

  • Bill 2, the Responsible Energy Development Act;
  • Bill 24, the Carbon Capture and Storage Act;
  • Bill 36, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.

On Nov. 24, Wildrose Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Rod Fox will introduce Motion 501, a legislative motion that will be the first step in entrenching Alberta landowner rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Fox said Albertans are looking for a new generation of leaders that not only erases the mistakes of the past, but brings in positive forward looking changes to ensure property rights are protected for future generations.

“Albertans can get better results from the legislature and their government,” Fox said. “Wildrose MLAs believe that we can not only improve Bill 1, but bring in real substantial change through Motion 501 that puts an end to these bad pieces of legislation and stops future governments from writing legislation that infringes on property rights in the first place.”


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