May 22, 2014

Ban corporate donations, sole source contracts after another conflict revealed: Anderson

AIRDRIE, AB (May 22, 2014): The PC government should ban corporate donations and sole source contracts after news that yet another major PC party donor received a lucrative sole source government contract, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.

Today, the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation released documents showing the Tervita Corporation received a $45 million sole source cost plus contract from the PC government to do broadly defined flood recovery work in southern Alberta. The Tervita Corporation has donated $36,755 to the PC party in recent years including a direct donation to the constituency association of Kyle Fawcett, the Associate Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction for Southwest Alberta.

Anderson called the contract a brazen conflict of interest. He said this is just the latest example of why these changes need to happen.

“Clearly the Tervita Corporation knew where its bread was buttered,” Anderson said. “Here we have Minister Fawcett, the Minister directly responsible for flood recovery efforts in southern Alberta, taking money from this company for his campaign, then his Ministry turning around and awarding this company with a $45 million sole source contract. That’s completely unacceptable to taxpayers who expect value for money services. These lucrative sole source deals always happen to be given to PC party donors and it’s decimating the public’s confidence in government. A ban would be a good start in fixing this.”

Wildrose has repeatedly called for a ban on corporate donations and sole source contracts. Anderson said the PCs need to start listening.

“It’s about creating a level playing field in politics and government for everyone,” Anderson said. “It’s about restoring the public’s faith in government. The PC party and Minister Fawcett ought to return all the money they took from this company and legislate a ban on all corporate donations to avoid any conflicts like this in the future. It’s just the right thing to do.”


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