June 07, 2013

Back off: Wilson calls for compassion in PDD changes

EDMONTON, AB (June 7, 2013): The PC government should immediately make clear how they will back down from planned changed to the PDD funding model and ensure that current funding levels will be maintained until a plan is decided, Wildrose Human Services Critic Jeff Wilson said today. 

Recent media reports and a letter from Ministers Dave Hancock and Frank Oberle have indicated that the PCs are backing down on the controversial July 1 transition of PDD funding but are remaining silent on what actually will take place in the next few months. Wilson said the government’s back track is actually making things only more confusing for PDD clients and their families. “I’m happy to see the government has recognized that July 1 is too soon for such a massive transition, but there are still no assurances that services will be maintained,” Wilson said. “For months we warned the government that they were mismanaging this transition. Now that they have started to listen, it is just as important that they not mismanage the stand down.  Ministers Hancock and Oberle need to clearly commit that funding and services will be maintained until a workable transition model is reached.” Wilson previously called on government to consider how other jurisdictions implemented funding changes for persons with developmental disabilities before going through with the planned changes. “In other jurisdictions, ramming through these kinds of monumental changes over a few months would be unthinkable,” Wilson said.  “While it is positive that the government appears to be reconsidering its funding changes, PDD families and stakeholders shouldn’t be left guessing what the impact will be on matters as important as this.”


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