July 25, 2012

ATB illegal donations another black eye to PCs: Saskiw

EDMONTON, AB (July 25, 2012): Illegal donations allegedly solicited and accepted by the governing PC party from ATB Financial provide more proof that the culture of entitlement remains entrenched in this government, Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said today.  As reported by the CBC, ATB, a Crown corporation, gave to the PC party in ten different instances for a total of almost $1,500 dollars.

These most recent documents are on top of the other almost 100 files being reviewed by the Chief Electoral Officer into illegal donations to the PC party. So far 81 investigations have been concluded with 37 of the files resulting in administrative penalties.  Saskiw said that a culture of corruption and entitlement pervades political and lobbying activities because the government has been in power for more than four decades. He said the PC government believes the rules do not apply to them, and they no longer differentiate between the government and the PC party.  “We need to know who exactly was involved in the solicitation of these donations, who was pressured by which PC MLA and why there continues to be no internal controls to prevent these donations from occurring,” Saskiw said.  “It’s time this government stops hiding behind its own ineffective elections law and start showing Albertans that this government is ready to be accountable and forthright with Albertans.”  Saskiw went on to call for a more comprehensive review into this most recent case involving a Crown corporation, arguing that this information needs to be immediately accessible to the public.  “All Albertans own a stake in the ATB and the fact that the PC government accepted these donations is completely unacceptable,” Saskiw said. “We know that this isn’t just an isolated case with this government and Albertans deserve to have immediate and full transparency on the issue of illegal donations.” 


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