January 28, 2014

Another failing grade for Alberta on reducing red tape

TABER, AB (January 28, 2014): The Redford PCs have broken yet another promise to eliminate red tape and help grow small business in Alberta, Wildrose Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Critic Gary Bikman said today. Today, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released their 2014 Red Tape Report Card which gave Alberta a “D” grade, a year after giving Alberta a “D+” grade in the 2013 report card. 

CFIB Alberta Director Richard Truscott said, “Premier Redford has not invested the time, focus, or political capital to make cutting red tape a priority for her government.” Bikman notes Redford struck a red-tape reduction panel over two years ago but there has been little action on actually achieving results for small business. “It is disappointing to see that Alberta is doing worse than last year in the CFIBs annual Red Tape Report Card,” Bikman said. “Helping small businesses succeed should be a priority, but the out-of-touch PCs are proving once again they are all talk and no action.” Bikman said that in a competitive national economy it is disappointing that Alberta ranks so far behind other provinces and jurisdictions in red tape reduction. “I never thought I would live to see the day where Alberta would be behind BC, Saskatchewan and six other provinces in supporting our small businesses,” Bikman said. “We must start to eliminate red tape and redundancy before more businesses leave for other jurisdictions that are already doing so.”  


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