July 19, 2013

Anglin, Towle call for flood mitigation plan for Red Deer River, immediate repairs to Garrington Bridge

SUNDRE, AB (July 19, 2013): The PC government should stop wasting precious time, draft a flood mitigation plan for the Red Deer River, and fix the damaged Garrington Bridge immediately, Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre MLA Joe Anglin said today.

“The people of Sundre and the surrounding area are frustrated by this government’s inaction. In consultation with municipalities and stakeholders, we need to draft a flood mitigation infrastructure plan to better protect Sundre,” Anglin said. “To accomplish this in time for next year’s flood season, we need to see an updated flood map as soon as possible.” Anglin recently wrote to the Minister of Transportation asking for remedial action on Garrington Bridge, which was extensively damaged and closed by flooding, and acts as an evacuation route for a series of sour gas wells northeast of Sundre. Anglin and Innisfail-Sylvan Lake MLA Kerry Towle called for immediate repairs. “This is a major safety concern for nearby residents and workers. As an evacuation route, Garrington Bridge needs to be fixed immediately,” Towle said. “Furthermore, we need to see a flood mitigation plan for the Red Deer River so steps can be taken to prepare for the 2014 flood season.” Yesterday, Wildrose released a Preliminary Flood Report calling for implementation of the 2006 flood mitigation report’s recommendations, and the drafting of a flood mitigation plan as a top priority. “In Sundre, a series of spurs and berms along with a routine channel dredging program would decrease future flooding risks,” Anglin said. “We need to see progress on a flood mitigation plan so Albertans can build or rebuild with confidence.”


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