January 31, 2014

Anglin statement on feral horses

EDMONTON, AB (January 31, 2014): Today, Wildrose Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Critic Joe Anglin released the following statement on feral horses in Alberta:


“The PC government insists on moving ahead with a feral horse cull without a clear objective or enough scientific data to support a cull. Instead this government is operating blindly using misinformation to justify their actions. “Wildrose supports scientifically supported methods to manage and protect a healthy herd of feral horses. Hunting, trapping, culling and scientific tagging are very important tools in wildlife management. However, should culling be required, Wildrose would give priority to an adoption program instead of the current slaughter method the government is endorsing. “Wildrose will continue to support best management practices to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, wildlife and wildlife resources.”  


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