October 09, 2013

Anglin releases statement on McQueen's inaction on court ruling

EDMONTON, AB (October 9, 2013): Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin released the following statement on Environment Minister Diana McQueen’s comments regarding the Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Richard Marceau’s ruling condemning the conduct of Alberta Environment officials. 


“Minister McQueen and this PC government cannot continue to pretend that this court ruling isn’t a huge black mark on their own performance on environmental protection and at the same time it damages the reputation of Alberta’s resource sector.  “If the minister believes that her department acted properly, she should immediately appeal the decision and let Albertans know why she thinks the Judge got it wrong.  “If the government will not appeal, they must assure Albertans that officials will not be breaking the rules and that legitimate groups will have the opportunity to appropriately participate in hearings.  “Doing neither simply isn’t an option.  It is essential that we have an efficient regulatory system that protects the environment while allowing resource industries to continue to make prudent investments that benefit all Albertans.”    


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