November 07, 2012

Anglin demands answers on summer power brownouts

EDMONTON, AB (November 7, 2012): Today, Wildrose Official Opposition Utilities Critic Joe Anglin questioned Energy Minister Ken Hughes on a major drop in electricity imports in relation to rolling blackouts Albertans experienced on July 9.  The report of the Market Surveillance Administrator indicates but does not explain a 400-megawatt reduction in electricity imports at precisely the same time when the system needed 200 megawatts of electricity to avoid brownouts.  

Anglin pressed Hughes for an explanation on the sudden dip in imports that day.  “Given that the system operator cut back electricity imports by nearly 400 megawatts at the precise critical time the system was starving for 200 megawatts, quoting the Minister, was this ‘opportunity for a good conspiracy’ to curtail electricity imports to manipulate prices, or was this just incompetence on the party of the system operator carrying out this government’s failed policies?” Anglin asked.


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