October 12, 2012

Anglin calls out rising transmission line costs, calls for accountability

EDMONTON, AB (Oct. 12, 2012): Today Wildrose Official Opposition Utilities Critic Joe Anglin affirmed his support for landowner rights lawyer Keith Wilson, who appeared at the Alberta Court of Appeal to argue legislation requires the Alberta Utilities Commission to consider the costs of the Heartland project on behalf of Stuart Shaw and Karen Shaw.

 Anglin called out the PC government for ballooning costs of the Heartland transmission line. Originally estimated at $287 million, the cost of the Heartland line approved by the PC government soared to $610 million in 2011. No mechanism exists to prevent construction costs from soaring even higher in the months to come. “For a transmission line that was rammed through by the PC government, the Heartland project is skyrocketing in costs and will affect all Alberta power consumers,” Anglin said. “If the current trend of escalating costs is not addressed, hard working Alberta families will be hit with soaring costs on their power bills.” Wildrose believes in protecting consumers and would repeal Bill 50, which permitted approval of $16 billion in transmission projects without an independent needs assessment. “The costs of these Bill 50 lines far outweigh any benefits,” said Anglin. “It is wrong to ask Albertans and seniors as winter is fast approaching to get hit even harder with further increases on their power bills.”


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