January 08, 2014

Anglin calls out government neglect of environmental duties

EDMONTON, AB (January 8, 2014):  After six months of government silence on the oil seepage at Primrose Lake, Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin in calling on the PC government to step up its game and show real environmental leadership in Alberta. Anglin demanded the PC government be forthcoming about what is being done to address the issue and inform Albertans how future problems can be prevented. 

Such action is needed to protect Alberta’s international environmental reputation. “The PC government’s silence on the Primrose situation harms the environment, the energy industry and our ability to access international markets,” Anglin said. “This government is missing in action when it counts. Wildrose cares about environmental integrity and would never act so negligently.” New Environment Minister Robin Campbell, like his predecessor, has failed to provide leadership on environmental stewardship, and instead has shirked the government’s responsibilities to inform Albertans about what has been learned, what is being done and how to prevent further environmental harm. “A Wildrose government wouldn’t leave Albertans in the lurch like this.  We would be much more forthcoming about providing information and updates and ensuring that our vital energy industry is held to the highest environmental standards,” Anglin said.



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