April 17, 2014

Anderson statement on public pension legislation

EDMONTON, AB (April 17, 2014): Today, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson  released the following statement on Bill 9, the Public Sector Pension Plans Amendment Act, which threatens existing public pension benefits for hard working Albertans across the province: “As usual, the PC government's standard operating procedure on labour relations issues is that of bullying instead of good faith negotiations. “Wildrose has long supported the view that contracts and agreements must be respected. That includes the pension arrangements promised to current public sector workers and pensioners who chose their careers in the public sector based, at least in part, on the promise of the current public pension arrangement. “Although we feel some reforms to the current system may be needed to ensure the long term sustainability of public pensions, we believe that any such changes need to be negotiated openly and respectfully with union leadership, and that any substantial changes should only be applied to workers who have yet to be hired, rather than those already employed or retired. “Wildrose is committed to repealing Bill 9 if elected in 2016, along with Bills 45 and 46 which also unjustly ignore the legal rights of our public sector employees.”

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