February 24, 2014

Anderson statement on pension changes

AIRDRIE, AB (February 24, 2014): Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson released the following statement today after the government announced changes to several public sector pension plans: “Wildrose has long supported reforms to make public sector pensions more sustainable in the long-run, but today’s announcement is not the way to achieve them. 

“We believe contracts and agreements must be respected, and that applies to pensions arrangements for current pensioners as well as workers who began their careers and planned their lives based on the current pension system. “There is no question pension reform is needed, but it should be done openly and respectfully, in consultation with union leadership. Most importantly, reforms should only apply to future hires, not those already employed or retired. This is how the Saskatchewan government negotiated reforms in the 1970s and it is the best way to respect taxpayers and workers, both now and into the future. “One thing remains clear: The PCs, after being in power for 42 years, only have themselves to blame for the current pension situation.  The supposed solutions being offered today offer neither long-term sustainability for taxpayers nor fairness for pensioners and employees.”


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