April 23, 2014

Anderson presents petition for 24-hour health services in Airdrie

EDMONTON, AB (April 22, 2014): Residents of Airdrie will have their voices heard in the Legislature today as the first 2,400 signatures on the “Airdrie 24″ petition calling for 24-hour health care services for Airdrie is presented, Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson said today.

“I want to thank the residents of Airdrie for their unrelenting support of this initiative,” Anderson said. “We have never been closer to reaching our goal of 24-hour health care for Airdrie than we are now and we would never have reached this point without the fortitude and perseverance of both the people of Airdrie and the Airdrie Health Foundation,” Anderson said.

Anderson also noted that Airdrie’s population is expected to swell to well over 80,000 in the next 10 years and access to 24-hour health care services for the community has never been more apparent. He also expressed great optimism that a recently formed working group comprised of senior AHS officials and Airdrie Health Foundation members will accelerate progress on this initiative.

“I want to commend Alberta Health Services for recognizing the need for 24 hour health care in Airdrie and will continue to work with the Airdrie Health Foundation and AHS to bringing 24 hour health care services to Airdrie as quickly as possible,” Anderson said.

Anderson plans on securing at least 2,400 additional signatures on the “Airdrie 24″ petition and will present them to the Legislature this coming Fall.


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