November 01, 2012

Anderson demands answers on Airdrie sex assault case

EDMONTON, AB (November 1, 2012): Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson (Airdrie) is demanding answers from Premier Alison Redford after a case involving the sexual assault of a young girl in Airdrie was thrown out last month due to a shortage of Alberta Crown prosecutors. 

A man was charged in 2009 in connection with a series of alleged sexual assaults on one young girl spanning eight years. She was nine years old when the assaults began. However, a judge threw out the case because it was taking too long to get to trial, in large part, because of a lack of Crown staff resources.  “This girl, as a citizen of Alberta and as one of the most innocent victims possible deserved better than this – and everyone here had better know it,” Anderson said today in the Legislature. “Premier, will you launch a full investigation into this matter, determine what on Earth went wrong here, what steps will be undertaken to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and will you personally call this victim to comfort and apologize for a justice system that entirely failed her?”  Wildrose Justice Critic Shayne Saskiw said this is another example of the Alberta justice system failing victims of serious crime.  “This simply cannot be allowed to happen in Alberta,” Saskiw said. “The Crown found that it had enough evidence to lay charges on unspeakable crimes perpetrated against this young girl and now she won’t even have her day in court. We need a government that is actually serious about getting tough on crime and upholding the rights of victims, or Albertans will continue to lose faith in the justice system.” 


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