September 13, 2012

Anderson calls for immediate end to outrageous executive bonuses and severance packages

EDMONTON, AB (September 13, 2012): Today, the Wildrose Official Opposition called for an end to the outrageous bonuses and severance packages handed out to public sector senior managers and executives by the Redford PCs.  Reports of a former Alberta Health Services (AHS) executive receiving nearly a million dollars in severance and bonuses after leaving AHS is only the most recent episode in the PC legacy of waste and mismanagement.

“Premier Redford needs to do something concrete to show she is serious about tackling her $3 billion deficit,” Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said. “What better way to show she is serious about fiscal responsibility than to put an immediate end to the continuing parade of senior public officials collecting massive bonuses for simply showing up for work and even larger severance packages for leaving or being fired?”  Anderson plans to table a private member’s bill called the Taxpayer Protection Act, which would place an immediate moratorium on all public executive and managerial bonuses for any non-elected government departments, agencies or boards whenever the provincial budget is not in a cash surplus position. Anderson is also calling on the Redford Government to immediately review and reform any future bonus structures and severance packages for senior managers and executives to be much more modest and related to actual job performance.   “The current culture of entitlement at senior levels of government must end; and making these reforms will be a big step towards ending it,” Anderson said.  The recent example of PC distain for taxpayers dollars comes not long after news broke of the PCs hiring party loyalist Allaudin Merali as CFO for AHS, even after he charged taxpayers around $350,000 for things like butler service and car repairs.  “We need to start putting Albertans first instead of paying AHS executives top dollar for failing to meet the standards and benchmarks Albertans deserve,” Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said. “It’s insulting that while our front-line health professionals continue to hold the health system together that top executives continue to run off with these outrageous bonus packages.” 



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