May 25, 2012

Anderson appointed chair of Public Accounts, fiscal discipline top priority

EDMONTON, AB (May 25, 2012): The Wildrose Official Opposition is pleased to announce that Wildrose House Leader and Finance Critic Rob Anderson will chair the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee and will lead the effort in holding government spending to account. Tasked with analyzing and scrutinizing every dollar the government spends, the Public Accounts Committee plays an integral role in ensuring government is held to account for its financial management or lack thereof. 

Anderson said the Public Accounts Committee will act as a diligent watchdog on public spending under his leadership, especially given successive years of budget deficits and Alberta’s ongoing reliance on volatile energy revenues to fund continual increases in spending. “With the government relying on weakening oil revenues and promising massive increases in spending despite repeated deficit budgets, it is a top priority of the Wildrose to make sure we are getting good value for every taxpayer dollar,” Anderson said.  “I look forward to working with my colleagues to scrutinize costs across every government department in order to provide greater financial accountability to Albertans.”  Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said Anderson’s appointment as Public Accounts Committee chair will set the tone for the Official Opposition during the short spring session. “Premier Alison Redford had a budget problem before the election and she has an even bigger budget problem now, with energy prices sliding and her expensive campaign promises on the record,” Smith said. “Next week, our MLAs will press the government on how they will keep these commitments while balancing the budget, while also taking the government to task over outstanding issues of ethics and accountability.”  


BACKGROUNDER Below is a list of Wildrose MLAs and the committees they will be serving on. Wildrose Committee Appointments:


Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Rob Anderson Legislative OfficesGary Bikman Jeff Wilson
Private Bills Drew Barnes Rod Fox Bruce Rowe Rick Strankman Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing Bruce McAllister Shayne Saskiw Kerry Towle Blake Pedersen
Public Accounts Rob Anderson (Chair) Jason Hale Joe Anglin Ian Donovan Pat Stier Members’ Services  Danielle Smith Heather Forsyth

Wildrose Policy Field Committee Appointments:

Family and Communities Heather Forsyth (Deputy Chair) Shayne Saskiw Bruce McAllister Rod Fox Blake Pedersen Jeff Wilson Economic Future Gary Bikman (Deputy Chair) Danielle Smith Kerry Towle Ian Donovan Rick Strankman
Resource Stewardship Bruce Rowe (Deputy Chair) Rob Anderson Jason Hale Joe Anglin Drew Barnes Pat Stier  


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