August 11, 2015

Almost 800 Wildrose members select Prasad Panda as their candidate for Calgary-Foothills

CALGARY, AB (August 11, 2015): Today, Wildrose members selected Prasad Panda as their nominated candidate for the Calgary-Foothills byelection.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the choice our members made tonight in selecting Prasad Panda as our candidate for Calgary-Foothills,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “This byelection vote will be a choice between more ideologically driven experiments to damage the economy by the NDP, or sensible, local leadership from Wildrose that will stand up for Alberta jobs and growth.”

770 Wildrose members voted in the nomination contest. The byelection date is set for Sept. 3.

Wildrose was forced to move up its nomination date after the NDP timed their byelection call during the middle of a federal election campaign. The Wildrose nomination vote was originally set for Aug. 15.

“I am incredibly humbled by the confidence Wildrose membership put in me to be their candidate in this important byelection for Calgary-Foothills,” Panda said. “We have a lot of work to do to catch up after the cynically timed vote by the NDP. After the PC party all but gave up on these voters, we will show the people of Calgary-Foothills that a vote for Wildrose is a vote they can trust to stand up for their interests.”


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