August 27, 2015

Albertans deserve more accountability on manipulation of procurement process

EDMONTON, AB (August 27, 2015): Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon released the following statement on the lack of accountability for the gross mismanagement of funds by high level managers in the bureaucracyas reported by the Public Interest Commissioner:

“It is very troubling to get no details from the NDP government on the extent of the disciplinary action that will be taken for the three managers who manipulated the procurement process developed under the past government, directly undermining the public’s trust and wasting taxpayer dollars.


“It's clear the law was broken, and Albertans demand accountability that was sorely lacking from the minister’s remarks today


“Going forward, we call on the NDP government to provide specifics to Albertans on what disciplinary action will handed to these three managers, and to develop a system for our bureaucracy that does not stand by while illegal behaviour takes place.


“Albertans deserve a government that will clean up a system of cronyism that developed under the past government – not sweeping more under the rug.


“Hopefully this government will soon put a stop to its summer hiatus and start doing the real work Albertans expect of them.”


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