Our Patients and Seniors Deserve Better

Would you eat this?  Would you make your parents or grandparents eat it?

That’s supposed to be pork souvlaki.  The picture was taken at an Alberta Health Services facility, as it was served to the residents.

This is what the Alberta PCs’ central planning ideology has led to.  In a bungled attempt to cut costs, their new “superboard” forced all small hospitals and nursing homes to use the same 21-day menu and buy food from superboard-approved suppliers.  The result was meals described as “shameful” and “dog food”… and they didn’t even save any money!

Wildrose has opposed this fatally flawed scheme from the beginning.  Now one of our MLAs, Kerry Towle, has challenged the PC health minister to join her in eating from the superboard menu for 21 days, to make them see just how badly they’ve failed Albertans.

Will you help fund Kerry’s mission and stop this slap in the face to our patients and seniors?  Please give a gift of $50, $100, or even $250 by clicking here or calling 1-888-262-1888.  Thank you.