December 13, 2012

AHS update shows Alberta still lagging behind on wait times

EDMONTON, AB (December 13, 2012): The second quarter AHS performance report outlines how the PC government is still failing to hit key wait time targets for health care as Alberta continues to lag behind the country in wait time standards, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

The report shows that AHS is still well behind its key wait time targets for hip surgeries (22 week target, 35 week actual), knee surgeries (28 week target, 43 actual) and cataracts (25 week target, 29.7 actual).  In emergency rooms, only 45% of patients were admitted into emergency departments within already low benchmark standard of eight hours. “By ignoring local decision making, by not consulting with our front-health professionals on a variety of issues and failing to implement new solutions, Alberta continues to lag far behind on already low wait time standards,” Wildrose Health Critic Forsyth said. “Having over 55% of Albertans not being admitted in our emergency departments within an eight hour limit is unacceptable and it’s time that we had some real action.  We’re thankful our health care professionals are the glue that holds our health care system together. Albertans deserve better.” People waiting in acute beds for continuing care placement has also gone up this quarter.  Last quarter there were 459 patients waiting to be placed into care, while this quarter it’s up to 557, the highest it’s been in a year. “We know that one of the most important issue facing seniors and our health care system in this province is moving seniors on to long-term care beds to open up acute care space, yet there continues to be no progress on this issue,” Forsyth said.  “We need to start treating our seniors with compassion.”


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