November 25, 2014

AHS senior executives: nothing has changed

EDMONTON, AB (November 25, 2014): Today’s Public Accounts Committee confirmed nothing has changed among the senior ranks at Alberta Health Services: more reshuffling, more bloated severances and more bureaucrats, Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said.

Health officials said today that many of the up to 70 executives that were supposed to be let go were instead just “re-titled.”

One example is former AHS CEO Chris Eagle who was shuffled into the position of Senior Advisor while still making the same $650,000 salary.  When asked for a job description or tangible results coming from Mr. Eagle’s position, health officials said there were, “no specific deliverables that we could find his handprints on.”

“It seems that management has spent more time dreaming up new job titles than actually fixing the problems,” Forsyth said. “While there continue to be cuts of vital front-line services, executives at AHS are getting away with outrageous salaries, benefits and perks.  Albertans believe we deserve so much better from our health care system.”

Another former CEO of AHS, Mr. Duncan Campbell, was employed in that role for just one month, before he was given a paid leave for the rest of the year, collecting a whopping total of over $1 million in pay and severance for his one month at the helm of AHS.

“Nothing the government has put forward will put an end to these abuses of health care dollars continuing,” Forsyth said. 


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