June 07, 2013

AHS Quarterly Report shows a stagnating health system

CALGARY, AB (June 7, 2013): Alberta Health Services’ Quarter 4 Performance Report is just another chapter in a health system that continues to underperform and fail to meet the needs of Alberta patients, Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth said today.

Key wait time surgeries such as hip (36.3 week wait time) and knee replacements (40.9 weeks) remain well below key wait time standards, while patients are asked to wait an inexcusable time for treatment in emergency rooms in major hospitals with only 45 per cent of patients admitted within the 8 hour benchmark. “It certainly doesn’t seem like giving AHS executives ‘performance bonuses’ for this past year did much to improve patient care throughout the health system,” Forsyth said.  “This is indicative of a health system that year after year fails to address major shortfalls and a government that is comfortable with the status quo.” The report also shows that there are still 453 Albertans in acute care beds waiting for continuing care bed spaces.  Forsyth said that while increasing continuing care beds throughout the health care system is an improvement, the AHS Capital Plan released by the Wildrose that shows AHS plan to reduce long-term nursing beds by up to 1,659 spaces has AHS on the wrong track. “Failing to focus on long-term care nursing beds means a failure to ensure we are putting enough resources towards patients with high needs,” Forsyth said. “This is only a band-aid for the short-term and fails to provide concrete long-term solutions.”



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