September 24, 2012

AHS flip flop on audit points to PC failure on accountability: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (September 24, 2012): Flip flopping on audits of former health executives and lamenting about the costs of FOIP requests in the health care system all point to a failing grade for an out of touch PC government, Wildrose Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said today.  After new AHS chair Stephen Lockwood lamented that the cost of FOIP requests will be “lost to health care forever”, he also quickly backpedaled from a commitment by AHS to have an expanded audit into up to 30 top executives in the former Capital Health Region.

Towle said that it is this type of behaviour that led to the Alberta government being ranked near the bottom of the barrel receiving a ‘D’ among jurisdictions in Canada for its commitment to transparency.  “It is completely outrageous for senior government officials to backtrack from a commitment made to Albertans to protect their tax dollars,” Towle said.  “Albertans deserve accountability and transparency from a health system that is far too often falling short of what Alberta families expect and deserve.” Towle went on to mention that what Lockwood failed to mention are the millions of dollars “lost to health care forever” from the PC legacy of waste and mismanagement that has left Alberta with some of the lowest performance outcomes in health care across the country.  “We’ve seen this PC government time and time again continue to mismanage our health care system and waste millions of dollars on bonuses, lavish expense accounts and gold-plated severance packages instead of improving health care,” Towle said.  “It’s time for this government to deal with reality and take responsibility for the millions of dollars lost in our health care system while front line workers across the province continue to hold the health system together”  The Wildrose recently unveiled an alternative plan to put Albertans first and protect taxpayers when it comes to health spending by calling for an end to bonuses for senior health executives until the province is back in surplus position and reviews and reforms future severance packages to be more modest and related to job performance.


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