April 26, 2016

Aheer statement on flood mitigation plan and lack of consultation

Wildrose Chestermere – Rocky View MLA Leela Aheer today released the following statement on flood mitigation:

“The residents of Springbank have expressed serious concerns about the NDP government’s decision to forge ahead with the Springbank project over McLean Creek.
“Consultation is a word that does not seem to be in this government’s vocabulary any more than the last government's, and residents feel as though the NDP are rushing through with this flood mitigation project with a pre-determined outcome in mind, instead of doing proper research.  
“I am concerned that the government is forging ahead with this project in the absence of any serious cost benefit analysis of Springbank versus the McLean Creek alternative, and without an environmental impact assessment being completed.
“Bad governance on the part of the NDP could severely impact future land use, and it would appear that the NDP government has not consulted with local municipalities or land owners or considered these implications.
“I urge the NDP government to consider the impacts of their decisions on this land carefully, to consult and to do their impact studies and cost benefit analyses before pushing ahead with their current plan.”


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