November 02, 2012

AG report uncovers more PC waste and mismanagement

EDMONTON, AB (November 2, 2012): PC waste and mismanagement is keeping the door shut for Albertans to determine value for money on the government’s $2-billion carbon capture and storage scheme and is to blame for compromised public safety, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today. 

 The AG report released yesterday confirmed that the government’s climate change strategy has the potential to cost billions of dollars with very little in tangible results for the environment and Alberta taxpayers.  “We’ve warned for years of the dangers of carbon capture and storage being a massive waste of tax dollars earned by hardworking Alberta families without any tangible benefit to our environment,” said Joe Anglin, the Wildrose Environment Critic. “This recent AG report shows that this government is not only failing to spend taxpayer money wisely, it shows that it’s trying to hide important information to see what, if any value, Albertans are getting for these programs.”  The report also showed that five of six bio-fuel grant recipients had failed to comply with the terms of the grant agreement to give annual reports on the $42 million dollars paid out on new initiatives.  “Albertans deserve accountability on money spent and they’re clearly not getting it,” Anglin said.  “They also deserve to have world class standards for clean air, clean land and clean water, but instead all they keep receiving is the ongoing legacy of PC waste and mismanagement.”  The AG report also shows a high risk of unsafe bridges due to shoddy inspections. Wildrose Transportation Critic Drew Barnes said government waste is to blame for important front-line bridge inspections falling by the wayside.  “They have enough money for empty hotel rooms at the Olympics, patronage posts for defeated cabinet ministers and weekend getaways to Jasper, but they can’t properly fund and co-ordinate bridge safety inspections? That’s unacceptable,” Barnes said. “This government’s inability to prioritize spending and need is putting Albertans at risk.” 


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