April 12, 2016

AG education and infrastructure report confirms unethical behaviour in government

An Auditor General’s report on education infrastructure confirms what Wildrose has been saying for years – that the previous government politicized the construction of new schools around Alberta and had no plan in place to actually see the projects through, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

According to the Auditor General, the previous government “made political announcements without doing due diligence.” As a result, of the 230 school projects announced between 2011 and 2014, many will not be completed on time.

“This report confirms something we’ve been saying for years – that the previous government was more interested in putting up signs than putting up schools,” Wildrose Shadow Democracy & Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said. “It’s deeply concerning that the previous government would intentionally create false expectations about new schools in order to advance its political goals.”

Parents and students will be paying the cost for this politicization of school infrastructure across the province, Wildrose Shadow Education Minister Mark Smith said. He said Wildrose expects whoever is in government to be able to consult, plan, communicate and have adequate oversight of capital projects so that taxpayers dollars are spent wisely and student needs are being met.

“With many of these new school projects indefinitely behind schedule, families are going to be left waiting for the schools they need, were promised, and in many cases, built their lives around,” Smith said. “The NDP must once and for all adopt the Wildrose call for an open and prioritized infrastructure list to take the politics out of school construction.”

Although the NDP campaigned on publishing a prioritized infrastructure list, they have yet to adopt this position in government.


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