May 14, 2014

#PCLDR Candidates Should Prove Compliance With Alberta Election Laws

AIRDRIE, AB (May 14, 2014): Candidates for the leadership of the PC party should disclose their campaign finances to prove compliance with new elections laws and to help restore Albertans’ faith in democracy, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.  

Under current elections law, candidates running for a provincial political party’s leadership are not allowed to raise or spend money on their campaign, or provide paid staff positions, until they’re registered with their party and Elections Alberta to run.

Anderson said PC leader candidates are already campaigning before filing with the party and registering with Elections Alberta. He said Albertans can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt.    

“The PC party has proven it will flout campaign finance laws that aren’t convenient for them,” Anderson said. “Albertans are asking for better from their elected officials and that means following the rules that are in place. Candidates for the leadership should voluntarily disclose their expenses to date to ensure the transparency and accountability Albertans expect.”

Anderson said frontrunner Jim Prentice’s campaign is already showing the kind of entitlement the PC party has become known for.

“The actions of Mr. Prentice’s team over the last few days show a fundamental disregard for the democratic process,” Anderson said. “The kind of backroom tactics he’s employing have no place in Alberta. It’s time for him to show he is complying with the rules on this because Albertans are tired of PC Premiers who keep breaking the law.” 


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