February 21, 2012

.05 registry: How much will it cost?

EDMONTON, AB (February 21, 2012): The Alberta government should come clean on how much the .05 impaired driving legislation and the accompanying registry will cost taxpayers, Wildrose Justice Critic Rob Anderson said today. 

“Given that the federal gun registry, which also attacked law-abiding Albertans, cost taxpayers billions to create and maintain and given that under your new drinking law you will have to likewise register thousands of law-abiding Albertans in a similar database, accessible by all of the different law enforcement agencies of this province, tell us, Minister, how much do you estimate that your new .05 registry is going to cost taxpayers?” Anderson asked Solicitor General Jonathan Denis in Question Period today. The Wildrose has committed to repealing the .05 law and increasing checkstops and enforcement of the .08 legal limit. Denis could not say how much the unpopular law and registry will cost.


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