2011 News Coverage

December 23, 2011
Top court rejects securities regulator plan By Kelly Cryderman and Dina O’Meara – Calgary Herald
Gender won’t be issue in Alberta’s spring election, Danielle Smith says By Karen Kleiss – Calgary Herald

December 22, 2011
Redford, Smith square off over oilsands By Daniel Proussalidis – Canoe News
Banana Drama – Ezra Levant (The Source)

December 21, 2011
It’s bananas: Alberta premier downplays Chiquita’s claimed boycott of oilsands products By Kelly Cryderman and James Wood – Calgary Herald
New seniors projects not enough for Calgary region, opposition says By Meghan Potkins – Calgary Herald

December 20, 2011
Sin tax increased would be cash grab says Wildrose By Kevin Robertson – iNews 880 AM

December 19, 2011
Wildrose Leader Smith takes aim at another Tory premier By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald

December 16, 2011
Wildrose Party hopes to grab Stelmach’s seat By Rick Volman – Fort Saskatchewan The Record
$35,000-a-year pay increase for Alberta judges approved By Chris Varcoe and James Wood- Calgary Herald

December 15, 2011
Opposition says Mar a disappointment By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

December 14, 2011
B.C. remains slippery on proposed pipeline By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Premiers of 3 western-most provinces pitch feds on new energy strategies By The Canadian Press – Winnipeg Free Press
Western premiers meet in Edmonton By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
No nuke is good news for Alberta, say power plant opponents By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun

December 13, 2011
Payout for quitting Alberta politicians is too rich – Calgary Herald

December 12, 2011
Meet warm, fuzzy Wildrose By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal
Stelmach, retiring MLAs await ‘ridiculous’ golden handshake By James Wood – Calgary Herald
Continuing care facility given new location By Amanda Richardson – Fort McMurray Today

December 8, 2011
Alberta tory riding association illegally solicited donations By Charles Rusnell – CBC News

December 7, 2011
Power Play By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Experts will review transmission lines By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
From classroom to courtroom? By Catherine Griwkowsky – Edmonton Sun

December 6, 2011
Opposition parties cry foul By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Minister denied allegations and evidence of doctor intimidation, says health critic By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Senate election looks to be an all right affair By James Wood – Calgary Herald

December 2, 2011
Animosity runs high in this Legislature By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Alberta electricity transmission operators scrutinized over costs By Dina O’Meara – Calgary Herald
‘He owes an explanation’ By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

November 29, 2011
Wildrose grills Tories over $3B debt financing By James Wood – Calgary Herald
Ontario and Alberlta: Two provinces with surprising political similarities By Eric Grenier – Huffington Post Canada

November 28, 2011
Brace for new taxes, Wildrose party warns By Kelly Cryderman – Edmonton Journal

November 25, 2011
Landowner rights still a concern: Wildrose leader By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Strathcona County wants court to halt Heartland project By Dave Cooper  – Edmonton Journal
‘Government must do more’ By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

November 24, 2011
Fort McMurray man pleads with Alberta government to reimburse his family for U.S. surgery By Jodie Sinnema – Edmonton Journal
Wildrose ready for a spring election By Dan Ilika – Daily Herald Tribune

November 23, 2011
Auditor general raises doubts about Alberta’s greenhouse gas program By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Oppposition criticizes auditor general’s unsatisfactory report By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal

November 22, 2011
Lab move puts patients at risk: doctor By Matt Mclure – Calgary Herald
AHS defends cancer testing By Catherine Griwkowsky – Edmonton Sun
Former Calgary cancer doctor claims he expressed concerns, was threatened by superboard By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Alberta’s blurring party lines By Jesse Kline – National Post
Alberta Tories table five bills as Fall session resumes By Karen Kleiss; Keith Gerein and Sheila Pratt – Edmonton Journal

November 21, 2011
Province promises major changes to controversial land-use law By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Opposition ready to pounce By Kelly Cryderman – Edmonton Journal

November 18, 2011
Fall session slammed By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Health inquiry result could come after next election By James Wood – Calgary Herald

November 16, 2011
Sales tax cometh? By Jasmine Franklin – Edmonton Sun
Docs join call for inquiry By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

November 14, 2011
Elections Alberta arms for X day, when battle will be on the right By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

November 10, 2011
Opposition slams Redford for Keystone lobbying stance By Katie Schneider – Calgary Sun
Opposition parties balk at Bronconnier appointment By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald

November 9, 2011
Transalta ruling fires up opposition By Dina O’Meara – Calgary Herald

November 8, 2011
Opposition parties list questions awaiting answers By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun

November 7, 2011
Redford slammed on pipeline By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

November 4, 2011
Opposition presses for judicial inquiry By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Parties join forces, call on Premier Redford to call judicial inquiry into health care By Jamie Komarnicki – Calgary Herald
Opposition demand inquiry By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

November 3, 2011
Wildrose shows its thorns By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal
U.S. says it won’t rush Keystone decision By Sheldon Alberts – Calgary Herald

November 2, 2011
Heartland power line approval draws opposition flak By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Critics slam private budget talks By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
‘PC VIPs’ have say on budget By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
School pledge to cost $200M By James Wood – Calgary Herald
Premier can’t overrule utilities commission By Garnett Genuis and Vitor Marciano – Edmonton Journal

October 28, 2011
Pressure mounts for judicial inquiry into Alberta healthy system inquiries By James Wood – Calgary Herald

October 27, 2011
Fall sitting may be productive By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Alberta municipalities told to answer allegations over tory funding By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald

October 26, 2011
Critics call fall legislature sitting a bust By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Expect sales pitches on Alberta’s transmission line projects By James Wood – Calgary Herald
Feds honour promise to scrap long gun registry By Tobi Cohen – Calgary Herald

October 25, 2011
Alberta elections boss called too secretive – CBC News
Premier Redford uses first day in legislature to promise sweeping changes By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Alberta government to review power lines By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald

October 24, 2011
European arrogance ‘scary’ By Katie Schneider – Calgary Sun
Opposition mixed on drunk driving law By Damien Woods - Calgary Sun
Power transmission jammed By Sheila Pratt – Edmonton Journal

October 21, 2011
Premier under fire after leg sitting about face By Tanara McLean - Edmonton Sun
Boutilier outraged at abandoned fall session By Carol Christian – Fort McMurray Today
Smith raises south Calgary hospital fears By Jenna McMurray – Calgary Sun
October 20, 2011
Next Alberta election could be battle between two smart leaders By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Smith says Wildrose party is winning the battle of ideas By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Wildrose boss outlines Alberta vision By Katie Schneider – Calgary Sun
Wildrose leader focuses on perils of excessive government bureacracy By The Canadian Press – Winnepeg Free Press

October 19, 2011
Wildrose refunds cash to munipalities By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Wildrose party crying foul By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

October 18, 2011
Success finds Wildrose party sooner than expected By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

October 17, 2011
Bruce McAllister joins Alberta’s Wildrose - Global Edmonton
Illegal Tory dontations irk Alberta Premier By Charles Rusnell – CBC News
Municipalities’ donations to PCs draw fire from opposition By James Wood – Calgary Herald

October 14, 2011
Controversial chief of staff still working for Redford By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Town official advised contacts how to vote in PC leadership race By Brent Wittmeier – Edmonton Journal

October 13, 2011
Opposition parties slam cabinet By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Wildrose wants chief’s resignation – Sun News Network

October 12, 2011
A matter of life and debt; calls intensify for Redford’s main man to step down By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

October 11, 2011
Wildrose calls for provincial pension plan By Katie Schnieder – Calgary Sun

October 7, 2011
Wildrose launches anti-Redford campaign style ads By Sean McCan – Calgary Sun
Wildrose launches ad blitz on Redford By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Election call in best interests of Redford By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

October 6, 2011
Redford’s school funding vow comes as she eyes cuts elesewhere By James Woods – Calgary Herald
Wildrose leader announces final policy plank in Airdrie By Trevor Bacque – Airdrie City View

October 5, 2011
Smith questions Redford’s motives By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

October 4, 2011
Wildrose unveils last bit of policy By Damien Woods – Calgary Sun
Wildrose release last plank of platform – CBC News
Alison Redford’s timeout for democracy By Kevin Libin – National Post
Let the games begin! By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
It’s On! By Tanara McLean – Calgary Sun
Alison Redford brings a second wild card to Alberta By Globe Editorial Board – Globe and Mail

October 3, 2011
Opposition parties appraise Redford victory By Jeff Cummings – Edmonton Sun
Next premier faces task of bringing Tories together By Kim Guttormson – Calgary Herald

September 29, 2011
In Alberta, are ‘conservatives’ dead as a dodo? By Ray Pennings – Globe and Mail

September 28, 2011
Wildrose happy with PC leadership race By Evan Careen – High River Times

September 27, 2011
After vote, it’s all about timing By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Wildrose party supports treatment jails By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Wildrose views Alberta Tory race as bump in the road By Dawn Walton – Globe and Mail
Wildrose would scrap rights body, make prisoners work By The Canadian Press – CBC

September 26, 2011
Let’s pump some reality into the keystone debate By Danielle Smith – Edmonton Journal
Don’t look now, but the centre-left is bearing down on us By Lorne Gunter – Edmonton Journal
Leadership race failing to inspire rural Albertans By Richard Cuthbertson – Calgary Herald

September 23, 2011
Rivals set to scoop up right wing support By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Tories Trek to Wildrose – Edmonton Journal
Alberta government staying out of ethical oil spat By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun
Keystone support reaffirmed by industry, Alberta politicians – CBC News

September 22, 2011
Bridging Alberta’s Divided Right By Kevin Libin – National Post
Mar mum on the possibility of a fall election By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

September 20, 2011
Alberta’s Crowded Political Centre Gives Wildrose Reason to Drink By Eric Grenier – The Huffington Post Canada

September 19, 2011
Wildrose offers home to those left behind by vote By Michael Wood – Edmonton Sun

September 14, 2011
Report slams Stelmach’s spend thrift ways By Renato Gandia – Calgary Sun

September 9, 2011
Watchdog probes Ted Morton′s use of secondary e-mail By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

September 8, 2011
Morton wants funding slashed for advocacy films By Bill Kaufmann – Edmonton Sun

September 7, 2011
Redford vows to swing cabinet axe By Sean McCann , Calgary Sun
Arts funding outrage time By Rick Bell – Edmonton Sun
Governments can’t just call ‘Cut!’ on film funding By Calgary Sun

September 6, 2011
Alberta Tory leadership hopefuls grabbing onto Wildrose platforms By Dean Bennett – Winnipeg Free Press
Endorsement from Peter Lougheed is gold in Alberta political currency By Dawn Walton – Globe and Mail

September 2, 2011
Mar blamed for pipeline strife By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun
Knight defends land use strategy By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun
New deal expands cataract surgery By Jamie Komarnicki – Calgary Herald

September 1, 2011
Critics slam axing of restorative justice grant By Jeanne Armstrong- Edmonton Journal
Health deductible in Horner’s playbook By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
Rick Orman points finger at Stelmach By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Horner calls for more Tory talk By Sean McCann – Calgary Sun
Cattle ranchers object to land sale By Sean Meyers – Calgary Herald
Sherman roasted over support for Boutilier By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

August 29, 2011
Three Wildrose nominees disqualified in membership row By Kelly Cryderman – Calgary Herald
Wildrose claims candidates cheated By Jenna McMurray – Toronton Sun

August 31, 2011
Alberta respects all property rights By Bruce Korol – National Post
Lougheed team shares memories of ′71 By Sheila Pratt – Edmonton Journal

August 26, 2011
Wildrose Party lining up candidates – Edmonton Sun
Edmonton Commons By David Staples – Edmonton Journal

August 25, 2011
Museum plans slammed By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun

August 23, 2011
An orange wave of grief sweeps the Tory heartland By Dawn Walton – Globe and Mail
Alberta puts aside political partisanship to honour NDP leader By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

August 18, 2011
Oil Windfall helps slash projected deficit By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald
Ed Stelmach looks back without anger By Josh Wingrove – Globe and Mail
Balanced budget on track By Josh Wingrove – Globe and Mail
Deficit decrease deceiving By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun

August 16, 2011
Wildrose Leader tours the Lakeland By Melissa Barr – Bonnyville Nouvelle
Report shows Tory mismanagement: Wildrose Critic By Michael Wood – Calgary Sun
Wildrose is no threat, Mar says – Edmonton Sun
Government urged to pay for Fort McMurray man′s surgery By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

August 15, 2011
Tory hopefuls support quick Senate elections By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

August 11, 2011
Wildrose Leader visists Cochrane By DanielAustin – Cochrane Times

August 10, 2011
Don′t count on polls to predict next PC Leader By Duane Bratt – Calgary Herald
Wildrose Party Leader address this regions issues By Stuart Thomson – Whitecourt Star

August 9, 2011
Alberta Finance Minister Snelgrove says economy in good shape, but not immune By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Wildrose picks candidate By Tanara McLean – Edmonton Sun

August 8, 2011
Smith makes election readiness her mission By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Shifting Loyalties By Arthur Setka - Calgary Herald

August 5, 2011
As elections looms, cracks appear in Alberta′s 40-year right-wing dynasty By Jen Gerson – This Magazine

August 3, 2011
Wildrose Leader tours memorial park, seniors lodge By Stuart Thomson – Mayerthorpe Freelancer
Wildrose spurs provincial renewal By Mayerthorpe Freelancer

August 2, 2011
Right-wing lobby group backs dark-horse candidate for Alberta Liberal leadership By Dawn Walton – Globe and Mail
Wildrose Party set to release agriculture policy By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun

July 29, 2011
Wildrose poll dip a wake-up call expert By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald

July 28, 2011
Stelmach-less Tories dominant again, Wildrose supports sinks: Poll By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald
Wildrose says Ed’s offside on arena By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun
Alberta Tories valut past Wildrose: poll By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal

July 27, 2011
Early poll finds Gary Mar leads race to become province′s next premier By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Gary Mar first out of gate in Tory leadership race: poll finds By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald

July 26, 2011
Tory candidate wants GST hike to pay for Edmonton arena By globe and Mail
Wildrose pitches Edmonton arena lottery By Dave Dormer – Calgary Sun
Goudreau rejects tax plan to fund downtown arena By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Party leaders extend kind words to Layton By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal

July 25, 2011
Wildrose pitches new fiscal plan ByDamien Wood – Calgary Sun
Alberta’s Wildrose Party pitches new fiscal plan By Damien Wood – Daily-Herald Tribune
Alberta Wildrose party pitches competitiveness policy By Archie McLean – Edmonton Journal
Wildrose vows to increase Heritage Fund By Archie McLean – Edmonton Journal

July 24, 2011
Ultralight plane crashes west of Airdrie By Peter McCartney and Marie Pollock – Airdrie Echo
Mayor walks away from plane crash unscathed By Jenna McMurray – Calgary sun
Crossfield’s mayor in plane crash west of Airdrie By Stephane Massino –  Calgary Herald

July 21, 2011
Wildrose hopes for Edmonton seats By  Jeff Cummings – Edmonton Sun
Premiers clash over energy cash By Erica Bulman – Calgary SunJune 16, 2011
If Only Honesty Wasn′t A Political Liability By Graham Thompson – Edmonton Journal

July 19, 2011
Alberta Liberals aim to rebuild party’s fortunes By Bryce Forbes – Calgary Herald

July 18, 2011
Tories urge hike to travel budget By Darcy Henton and Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Wildrose Alliance’s Smith puts her support behind airport tunnel By Global TV Calgary
Shortage of surprises as Tories finalize their leadership bids By  Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal
Contest begins for Alberta’s next premier By Tanara Mclean - Edmonton Sun
Six Tory leadership hopefuls make nomination deadline By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Boys chasing the girls on democratic reform By Rockyview Weekly

July 13, 2011
Harper attends Stampede breakfast By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Alberta Wildrose leader rubs elbows with Stephen Harper during Stampede By Bill Graveland – Globe and Mail

July 7, 2011
GuZoo reopens, Wildrose cheers By Tanara Mclean – Edmonton Sun

July 4, 2011
Reform kangaroo court, or lose it By Dave Breakenridge – Calgary Sun

June 30, 2011
Minister Snelgrove says ‘no’ to critics’ call for $100M infusion into education By Matt McClure And Darcy Henton; With Files From Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

June 29, 2011
Alberta’s rainy-day savings fund earned $1 billion last year By darcy Henton – Calgary HeraldMay 18, 2011
Top Tory MLAs join push for review of Bill 50 By Darcy Henton and Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

June 28, 2011
Levant: Albertans can dump kangaroo court By Ezra Levant – Toronto Sun

June 27, 2011
Wildrose and Reform have a lot in common By Dave Dormer – Edmonton Sun
Morton meeting members as PC leadership race heats up By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal
Wildrose Alliance prepares for a fight in the capital city By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Voters urged to give Wildrose a chance By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Wildrose takes on tough issues By Rick Bell – QMI Agency
Wildrose says smears won’t work By Rick Bell – QMI Agency
Rose makes private push for health care By David Dormer – Calgary Sun
Wildrose held their Annual General Meeting By Global TV, Toronto
Taking on the giant By Rick Bell – QMI Agency
Wildrose Alliance leader lays out platform at annual general meeting By Canadian Press
Wildrose Alliance leader lays out platform By CBC News
Wildrose Alliance leader lays out platform at annual general meeting By Canadian Business Network
Ready for battle By Dave Dormer – Calgary Sun
Wildrose Alliance talk strategy at AGM By Julia Parrish – CTV Edmonton
Wildrose Alliance feeling confident By Dave Dormer – Calgary Sun
Wildrose Alliance Leader visits Calgary By Amy Barrington – 660 News
Wlidrose Alliance debating key policies at general meeting By Dave Dormer – QMI Agency
Alta. Wildrose ready to take the reins By Dave Dormer – QMI Agency
Wildrose prepares to win over Edmontonians By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Wildrose preps policy at annual convention By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Wildrose drops ‘Alliance’ from name By CBC News
Parties eye same goal with similar moves from opposite directions By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal
Wild Rose Alliance changes party name By Lisa Grant and Megan Robinson – 660 News
Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith By Prime Time – Sun News

June 23, 2011
Alberta unveils distracted driving law By Conal Pierse – EdmontonJournal

June 22, 2011
Wildrose’s Smith chides Tories ahead of convention By Sean McCann – Calgary Sun

June 21, 2011
Ken Kowalski: Still standing after all these years By Graham Thomson – Calgary Herald

June 17, 2011
Parties promise new deal for cities By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

June 16, 2011
If only honesty wasn’t a political liability By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal

June 14, 2011
Opposition parties could be sharing same speech writer By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal

June 11, 2011
Smith brings modern look to politics By Edmonton Journal

June 9, 2011
Health scandal dominates debate By Deborah Tetley-Calgary Herald
Opposition gangs up on ruling Tories By Damien Wood - Calgary Sun

June 8, 2011
No probe for corruption claim By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun
Calgary MLA wants health care corruption probe By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun

June 7, 2011
Alberta health minister denies queue jumping allowed By  Dean Bennett – Globe and Mail
Duckett alerted health VPs about queue-jumping: memo By CBC News

May 27, 2011
Leadership rivals vow to open up government By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal
Tories are counting Morton out, but should they? By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

May 26, 2011
Opposition won’t have Ed to kick around By Graham Thomson – Edmonton Journal

May 25, 2011
Oilpatch knows best, Wildrose leader says By Darcy Henton and Richard Cuthbertson – Calgary Herald

May 24, 2011
Stelmach pledges $550M to build, modernize 35 Alberta schools By Sean Myers – Calgary Herald

May 19, 2011
Inefficiencies plague disabilities program: report By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

May 18, 2011
Top Tory MLAs join push for review of Bill 50 By Darcy Henton and Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

May 16, 2011
Wildrose faces thorny question By Dave Breakenridge – Calgary Sun

May 15, 2011
Thousands flee Alberta wildfires By Jasmine Franklin – Edmonton Sun

May 8, 2011
Former mayoral candidate putting in some roadwork for a good cause By Jeff Cummings – Edmonton Sun

May 6, 2011
Airport needs medevac: report – Edmonton Journal

May 4, 2011
Wildrose promises better relations with feds – Calgary Sun

May 2, 2011
Wildrose plea to Quebec: Get off your dependence By Neil Reynolds – Globe and Mail

April 29, 2011
Wildrose Party weighs in on Lower Athabasca Regional Plan By Carol Christian – Fort McMurray Today
Leadership race will only magnify Tory problems: Smith By Lana Michelin – Red Deer Advocate

April 26, 2011
Province moves to halt debate on land-use bill By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald
Dad assured hospital won’t put kids second By Jamie Kormarnicki – Calgary Herald

April 24, 2011
‘You are with us or against us’ By Sheila Pratt – Edmonton Journal

April 23, 2011
The fear factor in Alberta politics By Sheila Pratt – Edmonton Journal
Clogged justice system targeted By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald

April 19, 2011
Wildrose Alliance leader pays visit to Barrhead By Arron Pickard – Barrhead Leader

April 18, 2011
Oilsands leases should have been honoured By Danielle Smith – Calgary Herald

April 16, 2011
Bonar running under Wildrose Alliance banner By Jodie Sinnema – Edmonton Journal

April 13, 2011
Premier’s oilsands letter called an election ploy By Hanneke Brooymans and Jodie Sinnema – Edmonton Journal
Province’s power move By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun

April 12, 2011
Cities must figure out how to handle ticket fee: Oberle By Darcy Henton – Calgary Herald

April 7, 2011
Threat to rights isn’t imaginary By Danielle Smith – Calgary Sun
Banana republic claim peels back policy questions By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

April 6, 2011
Oil sands stocks fall on conservation plan By Dan Healing – National Post

April 1, 2011
Alberta Tories benefit from corporations, Wildrose from grassroots – By Archie McLean – Edmonton Journal

March 30, 2011
Wildrose leader turns fashion role model By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

March 25, 2011
Wildrose Alliance fundraising sets record By Jamie Komarnicki – Calgary Herald
Amid health-care barrage, family’s tale strikes a blow By Don Braid – Calgary Herald
Airdrie sees jump in EMS waits By Jamie Komarnicki – Calgary Herald

March 24, 2011
Alberta and RCMP tentatively agree on new 20-year deal By Jason Von Rassel

March 22, 2010
Tories won’t punish author of threatening letter sent to Calgary doctor By Jamie Komarnicki - Calgary Herald

March 21, 2010
Emergency health debate demanded By Frank Landry – Edmonton Sun

March 20, 2011
The fallacy of continually lower taxes By Murray Crawford – Lloydminster Meridian Booster
Bringing common sense back to Alberta By Murray Crawford – Lloydminster Meridian Booster

March 18, 2011
Tory leadership hopeful Gary Mar under fire for accepting $478,499 payout By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

March 16, 2011
Property rights become a political priority in Alberta By Kevin Libin – National Post

March 15, 2011
Premier Stelmach resists united front calling for inquiry into health care allegations By Jason Fekete and Matthew McClure – Calgary Herald

March 13, 2011
Cutting costs can work wonders By Rob Breakenridge – Calgary Sun

March 8, 2011
Pension perks to stay put By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
Tories secure perks – Calgary Sun
Nothing retiring about MLAs’ pay – Edmonton Journal
Bill to cut MLA severance pay voted down By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

March 5, 2011
Wildrose finds an audience in Edmonton By Graham Thompson – Edmonton Journal

March 4, 2011
Just For Laughs By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
Land Stewardship Act changes fall short, says local MLA By Dawn Smith – Rocky View Weekly
Wildrose targets power line plan By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

March 3, 2011
Danielle Smith launches blistering attack on Tories By Karen Kleiss – Calgary Herald
MLA’s $275M home blasted By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
Semantics won’t calm landowners – Edmonton Journal

March 1, 2011
Wildrose elated with Snelgrove’s slam By Graham Thompson – Edmonton Journal
Former Tory cabinet member Oberg says he ‘lost faith’ in Stelmach government By Jason Fekete and Don Braid – Calgary Herald

February 28, 2011
New transmission lines ‘a travesty,’ says Wildrose MLA By Lana Michelin – Red Deer Advocate
Party reps give different views on deficit budget By Ann Harvey – Whitecourt Star

February 22, 2011
Wildrose blasts Throne Speech – Morinville News
Tories hitch Alberta riches to Asia By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald
Tories offer ‘tarted-up’ attacks on own failures By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

February 21, 2011
Land-use laws rile rural Albertans By Karen Kleiss – Edmonton Journal

February 20, 2011
Time to plug MLA playouts By Rick Bell – Calgary Sun
Wildrose throws down gauntlet – Calgary Sun

February 17, 2011
Pension plan made in Alta. By Gerald Gauthier – Lethbridge Herald

February 15, 2011
Landowner rights on agenda as MLAs head back to work By Jason Fekete – Calgary Herald

February 10, 2011
Health-care system chronically fails patients By Danielle Smith – Edmonton Journal

February 9, 2011
Wildrose reveals a softer side – Edmonton Journal

February 7, 2011
Wildrose unveils warm, fuzzy side By Levin Libin – National Post

February 3, 2011
All parties scrambling to find a Danielle Smith By Garham Thomson – Edmonton Journal

January 31, 2011
Wildrose writing the next chapter By Danielle Smith – Calgary Sun

January 12, 2011
Sask. CO2 leaks raise questions in Alberta – CBC News

January 11, 2011
Alberta’s spring legislature session put off until late February By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal

January 10, 2011
Alberta’s spring legislature session put off until late February By Keith Gerein – Edmonton Journal

January 6, 2011
Question is whether Tories will do anything about Ed Stelmach By Don Braid – Calgary Herald

January 4, 2011
No regrets for MLA defector By Michael Wood – Calgary Sun
Wild times? By Dave Mabell – Lethbridge Herald


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