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Team Wildrose Updates

  • EDMONTON, AB (November 25, 2014): Today’s Public Accounts Committee confirmed nothing has changed among the senior ranks at Alberta Health Services: more reshuffling, more bloated severances and more bureaucrats, Wildrose Health...
  • EDMONTON, AB (November 25, 2014): Under the PC government, nothing has changed on the issues impacting seniors across the province whether it’s with chronic shortages in long-term care nursing beds, enforcing...

Wildrose Believes In:

Putting Albertans First

“Alberta is a beacon of opportunity, prosperity, and security for people not only across Canada, but around the world.  It’s time Albertans had a government that reflects the very best of what our province and our people have to offer.” - Danielle Smith, Wildrose Leader

Wildrose is a party that puts the needs of everyday Albertans first.  We rely on the common sense and wisdom of Albertans to develop our policies, choose our candidates, and set the direction for our party.  We look forward to engaging with you as we put forward new ideas for Alberta that put Albertans first.